"Art Beat" Graduation Showcase 2013 by SEGI University

Graduation Showcase 2013 "Art Beat" – Creating art from the heart.

KUALA LUMPUR – May 14th, 2013 – This month, SEGi University's creative arts and design showcase will be attended by Prof. Dato' Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs), SEGi University.

This showcase is open to the public, and runs for two days starting on 14th until 15th May 2013 from 3pm to 5pm.

The showcase dubbed Graduation Showcase 2013 Art Beat exhibits works of emerging talents from the School of Creative Design. Art Beat means "The heart that beats for art". It is the nature of us artists to implement the skills of art within our own heartbeat. We implemented the concept of elegance in order to portray the sense of the art community.

The graduates portrayed elegance through their portfolio of work at the Showcase. Elegance is in design or style, was reflected through the most elegant and fewest elements that is used to create the maximum perfection. Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to be taken out and that less is more.

This showcase brings together 15 students of creative design's final artwork that ranges from Packaging Design, Short Videos, Corporate Identity, Rebranding, Campaigns, 3D Animation, Space Layout, and more.

It supports graduates' professional development and nurtures new talents in Advertising Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Creative Multimedia and Video & Animation.

The aim of this showcase is to help promote SEGi UNIVERSITY's visibility, prominence and awareness in the area of creative art and design. It is also to boost the Diploma graduates' confidence.

The opening ceremony was held on the first day at 3 pm, launched by SEGi University Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs), Prof. Dato' Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin.

For further information, contact Sharveen Pirathapan at 017 230 4465.

Written by, Sharveen Pirathapan
27th May 2013



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