Zoom Terengganu 2013

Program Details

Zoom Terengganu 2013 is the 5th Zoom Series after we successfully launched the previous Zoom Series which were Zoom Sabah in 2010, Zoom Sarawak in 2011, Zoom Sabah and Zoom Kelantan in 2012. This yearly charity event of Sekreteriat Rakan Muda MMU Cyberjaya has received many positive feedbacks from the public, especially through our interesting teaching modules such as basic IT knowledge, motivational leadership program, English language skills and Mathematics to students mainly from rural areas.

Name of Program: Zoom Terengganu 2013
Organiser: Sekretariat Rakan Muda, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
Venue: Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Perhentian, Besut, Terengganu & Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK), Jerteh
Date: 21st May 2013 – 26th May 2013
MMU Officer: Mohd Asry bin Jaafar
Program Advisor: Muhammad Hazimin bin Wahab
Program Director: Sulina binti Md Jamil
Assistant Director 1: Ahmad Aidel Nazmi bin Azahar
Assistant Director 2: Muhammad Zamrey bin Hamid
Principal of SK Pulau Perhentian: Tuan Ibrahim bin Tuan Mahmood

• 24 MMU students & 1 MMU officers & 1 advisor
• 34 students (standard 6, SK Pulau Perhentian)
• 25 students (standard 5, SK Pulau Perhentian)
• 31 students (standard 4, SK Pulau Perhentian)
• 15 diasbled children from Pusat Permulihan Komuniti, Jerteh

Program Sponsors: CUTOUT Magazine, Southern Lion, Ginvera Marketing Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. & GempakStarz.

Program Objectives
• Teach basic computer skills to students (Adobe Photoshop).n
• Reduce the financial burden of the less fortunate people
• Increase the knowledge of the students through creative and innovative thinking
• Motivate the students by building up their self-confidence in facing life challenges as a student through personal experiences from facilitators (MMU students).
• Instil the importance of basic English language skills to students activities

SK Pulau Perhentian
• Computer and Multimedia Workshop
• Englsh language skills
• Mathematics fun learning
• Leadership Workshop
• Mathematics and English language quizzes
• Poster Creation Competition using Adobe Photoshop (sponsored by GempakStarz)

Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Jerteh

• Distribution of sponsored items
• Distribution of donation items
• Bonding sessions with the children and adults (residents of the Healing Centre)

Feedbacks from the teachers of SK PulauPerhentian

• Zoom Terengganu Program has shown positive impacts to students of this school especially Standard 6 students who will be facing a major examintation, UPSR this year. This might be the positive reaction of the students after being highly motivated through the effective fun learning techniques done by the facilitators of Zoom Terengganu. The students of SK PulauPerhentianseem to be more skilled in using the computer especially in editing pictures using Adobe Photoshop. This can be proven by the posters created by the students through some help from the facilitators. The students now seem to be interested towards the creative multimedia field. – Mr Kusairi

• The students of MMUalso shared their experiences and effective learning skills throughmotivational talks and counselling sessions with students. These sessions has boosted the confidence of the students in facing examinations. The teachers here hope that the students will continue to strive in organizing programs like this in the future because it is beneficial to all. – Mr Suhairi

Program Director, Sulina bt Md Jamil

• As Zoom series is SekreteriatRakanMuda's annual biggest event, we hope to continue these acts of charities and pass this on to the younger club members of SekreteriatRakanMuda as this program has proven to be beneficial year by year. The participants chosen to participate in this event are qualified as they have gone through interviews and training before their participation. Besides being beneficial to the rural communities, MMU students also gained memorable experiences and come out as better individuals after being involved actively in this program.


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Written by, Nadia Zuraida
1st July 2013



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