Vol 04 issue 02
10 Best Black & White Project

We always think that colours are what make things beautiful while black and white make them appear classic and nothing else. Advertising people can say black is the new red or white is trendy, but there are also those among us who will describe a work as unimaginative, edgy or utilitarian when tones of black or white you should use on a piece of work will depend on which side of the palette that you want more authority or presence. Let's take a look at some of the fantastic black and white projects from 10 design studios.

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Vol 02 issue 03
10 Best Lessons for Designers

Listen up, practice caution and see your design career fly high.

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Vol 03 issue 01
The Good and Not-So-Interesting Side of The Creative Process

What's a daily routine of a designer at work in a studio setup? Well, life slaps your face hard, your head gets heavy from the unforgiving ride, yet you smile on your way to the exit. Take a moment to understand why through this flowchart.

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Vol 01 issue 04
When Form and Content Meet

"Helvetica is a typeface that was generated by a desire of having legibility. It's a modern type. It's a very clear type. It's good for everything, pretty much." - Massimo Vignellie

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